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Rodenticidal agent intended for the preparation and use of poisoned baits for rodents
Rodenticidal agent intended for preparation and use by personnel of organizations entitled to engage in disinfection activities, poisoned baits for deratization (gray, black and water rats and mice). Stirk-concentrate is a liquid triethylene glycol concentrate in the form of a viscous transparent liquid of red color. The product is packaged in hermetically sealed plastic cans of 0.5 l; 1 l; 5 l.

Cost effective compared to its counterparts

One liter of product is enough to prepare 50 kg of bait

One kilogram of bait is enough to treat from 500 to 1000 m2
The product contains brodifacum — 0.25% — as an active ingredient, red dye. It also contains bitrex (a bitter component), which protects baits based on this concentrate from being eaten by birds, and reduces the risk of accidental poisoning of people and non-target species of animals.

Food baits prepared on the basis of Stirk-concentrate, red in color and containing 0.005% of brodifacum, have high rodenticidal activity against rats and mice. Eating a poisoned bait, rodents receive a lethal dose within 1-2 days. The clinical picture of poisoning is the one typical for anticoagulants: a decrease in blood clotting, leading to bleeding, and after 7-14 days — to the death of rodents.

The product can be used for preparation and use of poisoned baits for deratization (gray, black and water rats and mice) by personnel of organizations entitled to engage in disinfection activities. It can be used in residential premises, in facilities of different types:food, children's and medical (in places inaccessible to children) establishments, non-residential dry and wet rooms, underground structures, basements, cellars, sewerage systems, as well as in pet and poultry houses, ensuring that the bait is not accessible to them.
Prepare poisoned baits for deratization (gray, black and water rats and mice) by mixing Stirk-concentrate with normal food products (refined grain, cereals, granulated feed, etc.). To prepare a poisoned bait with a content of 0.005% brodifacoum (AI), you need to take 20 ml of the agent per 1 kg of food base. Slowly add the required amount of concentrate to the food base and mix thoroughly until the color is evenly distributed throughout the mixture.

Place the bait in places where you detected traces of the activity of rodents (gnaws, droppings): on the paths of movement, along walls, partitions, near holes. Prepare a bait of 50-100 g for rats and 10-25 g for mice. This quantity of bait, if eaten, is sufficient to kill the rodents, as brodifacoum, unlike other analogues, has not only anticoagulant action, but also displays the properties of an acute-acting poison.

4 years from the date of production
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