Veterinary medications
and disinfectants
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About company
For more than 40 years, the specialists of FK-FARM has been successfully working
in the production of medicines and disinfectants for use in veterinary medicine, and
today it is one of the leading developers and manufacturers of high-quality products
for livestock and poultry farming.

Chemical scientists of our company have invented unique drugs that allow us to
fight epidemics of bird flu, African swine fever, tuberculosis, foot and mouth disease,
anthrax and numerous other animal diseases.

The products are manufactured in accordance with TR and have all the necessary registration documents, declarations of conformity, quality certificates. They are being tested by the Research Institute of the Russian Agricultural Academy and has official Reports and Certificates of analysis.
The company successfully implements a quality management system that complies with the requirements of the ISO 9001 standards. Production processes and product quality control complies with the rules of GMP (Good
Manufacturing Practice).
Types of products
Market coverage
More 200
largest partners of livestock
and poultry farming
7 million
Units of production
per year
Our advantage
Environmentally friendly products
More than 50 percent of customers come to us on recommendations
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Veterinary medications
and disinfectants