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Insecticidal agent in the form of a thermal insecticidal aerosol generator
GENSEK is an insect-acaricidal agent in form of thermal insecticide aerosol generator shaped as a carton shell containing an exothermic mixture and an insecticide container, for the disinsection and decontamination of veterinary facilities. Visually GENSEK is a cylindrical cardboard body with a metal bottom and a lid, which contains a thermal mixture in the form of powder from white to gray and a lidded polyethylene bottle containing cypermethrin.

Cost effective compared to its counterparts

Aerosol generators are cost-effective since they do not require special equipment or trained personnel

The cost of premises processing is much lower due to the formation of a gaseous aerosol with a particle size of 3-5 microns

A cypermethrin cloud penetrates any crevice where the parasite "hides"

Contains cypermethrin in an amount of 20 ± 5 g as an active ingredient, and a thermal mixture consisting of starch, potassium nitrate and talc as excipient.

The synthetic pyrethroid cypermethrin, which is part of the GENSEC aerosol generator, has a significant insect-acaricidal effect on the active stages of parasitoform and acariform mites, dipterans and wingless insects. Cypermethrin specifically acts as a neurotoxin on the nerve synapses of arthropods, which disrupts the transmission of nerve impulses to the muscles and leads to paralysis and death of the parasite.

The GENSEC cypermethrin aerosol generator can be used in absence of animals and birds for disinsection and deacarization of:

a)livestock buildings for the disinsectization of zoophilic flies, ixodid, sarcoptic mites and insects;

b)poultry premises for the disinsectization of argasid, Persian and chicken ticks, flies, bed bugs and biting lice;

c)technical premises for the storage and processing of leather, fur, downy raw materials, unloaded warehouses in the absence of raw materials and products of animal origin.
Wear personal protective equipment (gloves, goggles, respirator).

Activate the generators, starting from the farthest from the room exit. To accomplish this open the package, remove the generator, open the smoke outlet, light a match and lower it through the smoke outlet onto the surface of the thermal mixture and go to the next generator and proceed so, sequentially activating the generators, move to the exit and leave the room, closing it. Leave the room enclosed for 4-8 hours to allow the aerosol to completely settle.

At the end of the exposure time, turn on ventilation, open windows, doors, hatches and ventilate for at least 2 hours. Entry into the premises for personnel without protective equipment is allowed no earlier than 30 minutes after ventilation. Then remove the dead insects, clean the premises, wash the drinking bowls and feeders, and only then replace the animals. Disinfection of containers shall be carried out with 3% soda solution.

The consumption rate is determined based on the effective concentration of the active ingredient — cypermethrin — in the room to be treated:

a)against mosquitoes, zoophilic flies, midges, horseflies, biting midges — 1 generator per 1000 - 2000 m3;

b)against chicken ticks, biting lice — 1 generator per 200-400 m3;

c)against bed bugs, ixodid, argasid and Persian ticks — 1 generator per 150-200 m3.

3 years from the date of production.
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