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Insecticidal agent in the form of an emulsion concentrate
Emcitrin is an insecto-acaricidal concentrated emulsion designed to control ectoparasites of animals and poultry, disinsection and deacarization of livestock and poultry buildings. Visually Emcitrin is a transparent liquid of light yellow color, with water it forms a stable emulsion of a milky white color. The product is released packaged in plastic cans with a capacity of 1.0; 5 or 10 liters.
Cost effective compared to its counterparts

Animals can be slaughtered for meat already 15 days after the last Emcitrin treatment.

Milk from dairy cows may be used for food purposes already 12 hours after treatment with Emcitrin
Emcitrin contains cypermethrin — ((1RS)-cis, trans-3-(2,2-dichlorovinyl)-2,2-dimethylcyclopropanecarboxylic acid (RS) -3-phenoxy-a-cyanobenzyl ether) — 10% as an active ingredient, and surfactants, emulsifier, synergist and filler as excipients.

Cypermethrin, which is part of Emcitrin, is an insect-acaricidal agent of intestinal action, effective against lice, fleas, chewing lice, biting lice, dermestids, flies, mosquitoes, chironomidae, sarcoptoid, ixodid, chicken, rat mites, bed mites, sheep ticks, cockroaches of all kinds, darkling beetles (including tenebrionid beetles), dung beetles, sanguivorous insects, dipterans and other ectoparasites of animals. It is hightly effective and preserves its effectiveness up to 2 months.

The mechanism of cypermethrin action is based on blocking neuromuscular transmission of nerve impulses at the level of ganglions of peripheral nerves, which leads to paralysis and death of parasites.
Emicitrin can be used in absence of animals and birds for disinsection and deacarization of:

a)livestock buildings for the disinsectization of zoophilic flies, ixodid, sarcoptic mites and insects;

b)poultry premises for the disinsectization of argasid, persian and chicken ticks, flies, bed bugs and biting lice;

c)technical premises for the storage and processing of leather, fur, downy raw materials, unloaded warehouses in the absence of raw materials and products of animal origin.
Prepare the working emulsion immediately before use under the guidance of a veterinarian or veterinary paramedic.

The consumption rate shall be determined based on the effective concentration of the active ingredient — cypermethrin — in the room to be treated:

a)against bed bugs, argas, chicken mites and cockroaches, darkling beetles (including tenebrionid beetles), dung beetles — 1.0% Emcitrin aqueous emulsion with a consumption rate of 50-70 ml / m2 of the treated surface (carried out by fine-droplet spraying in the absence of poultry (during a technological break);

b)to eliminate zoophilic flies indoors and on the territory, use 0.5-1.0% Emcitrin aqueous emulsion by selective spraying of insect planting sites (windows, walls, doors, support beams, etc.) with a consumption rate of 80-100 ml/m2; to quickly remove flies, treat the premises with aerosols in the absence of animals. Apply a working emulsion of 1.0% Emcitrin using a PFB apparatus, a knapsack sprayer OP-8, DUK or other spray devices at a rate of 30-60 ml / m2;

c)to control red and black cockroaches, use a 1.0% water emulsion (applied using the PFB apparatus, a knapsack sprayer OP-8, DUK or other spray devices at the rate of 50-60 ml / m2 of the treated non-absorbent surface and 100 ml / m2 of the absorbent surface);

d)to prevent fleas' breeding and re-infestation, replace the bedding or treat it with a 0.1% Emcitrin aqueous emulsion at a rate of 10-20 ml / m2. For 3 days, do not allow the animal to come into contact with the bedding, and subsequently wash it.

3 years from the date of production.
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